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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111566391912645972745138115Shayne CoxRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade5 1West Epping Green
2112113033012645972748594112Dilip RamaswamyRydalmere2017/20182nd Grade2 1North Ryde RSL
310667503012645972690720106Aditya KrishnaswamyRydalmere Maroon2017/20185th Grade1 1Rydalmere Sky Blue
4827881091264597274513882Hamid MangalRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade5 1West Epping Green
5766848531264597269071976Sean MorvanRydalmere MOS2017/20185th Grade1 1North Ryde RSL
6737881091264597274512973*Hamid MangalRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade3 1West Ryde Rovers Blue
76011431761264597274512160*Abdul EbrahimiRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade1 2West Ryde Rovers White
8597926681264597269072059Michael SenthilnathanRydalmere Maroon2017/20185th Grade1 1Rydalmere Sky Blue
9577564281264597274859457Jamil H HussainRydalmere2017/20182nd Grade2 1North Ryde RSL
10565743871264597274855056Jana RavindraRydalmere Maroon2017/20181st Grade1 1Chatswood Gypsies
11558908211264597281630755*Aditya NigulRydalmere MOS2017/20185th Grade6 1Rydalmere Sky Blue
125211431761264597274512452Abdul EbrahimiRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade2 1West Epping Y
13516639191264597274512151Shayne CoxRydalmere2017/20183rd/4th grade1 2West Ryde Rovers White
14506692291264597269071950Stephen RavenRydalmere MOS2017/20185th Grade1 1North Ryde RSL
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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