The Mighty Wrens has been playing cricket in the Northern Districts Cricket Association (NDCA) since the 1960s.
In 2008 Rydalmere and Dundas United formed an exciting new partnership.  This arrangement see all junior players playing with Dundas, and senior players playing with the Wrens.
 We cater for cricketers of ALL ages, abilities, or experiences!  Whether you can commit full-time or part-time to a team, we provide competitive cricket for all players in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  
 We also have a large social calendar of activities off the field - including Golf days, touch football and Ten-pin bowling.  Our Presentation Night is like no other - lots of awards backed by an After-Party with bands and comedians.    
 You haven't truly enjoyed playing cricket until you've played with 'The Mighty Wrens'.  Competitive cricket played with a winning spirit and strong tradition!  Bring yourself, a few mates or an entire team to play with us.  We welcome ALL new players! 


The Rydalmere Executive team (the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer) sets the objectives, goals and strategic direction for the Rydalmere Cricket Club. Our core focus is to make the Club an enjoyable place to play cricket, financially stronger, and more successful each year.   

We have set the following 8 objectives for the Club over the coming season. The purpose of these objectives is to let each and every player know the direction we are taking the Club. This helps explain why we make certain decisions on sponsorships, registration fees, spending and player recruitment.    

We expect each and every player to support these simple goals. Every player that wears the baggy blue and maroon cap has a responsibility to represent and support the Club as best they can. The spirit in the Club can only ever come from the players themselves.   

I hope you enjoy playing with the Wrens - no other Club can offer the history, tradition, and spirit we have at this great Club!

1.            Make the Club an enjoyable place to play cricket which fosters a positive environment and embraces the spirit of cricket

2.            Provide the best possible value to all players by continually seeking to lower registration fees, provide quality cricket equipment and playing gear and apparel

3.            Be competitive in every senior and junior grade the Club competes in

4.            Develop the skills of junior and senior players through improved coaching, playing equipment and a fair opportunity to play cricket for all players

5.            Provide players with opportunities to represent the Club at the highest possible level

6.            Develop stronger ties with the local and business community

7.            Improve the overall financial prosperity of the Club

8.            Retain existing players and recruit new junior and senior players to the Club