The Wrens want to build partnerships with businesses in the community by:
* promoting the brand of local businesses
* showing their corporate partnerships are a positive commitment to healthy sporting and social activities in the community. 


To do this, the Executive Committee is pleased to announce a new incentive for players to attract new sponsors.

Under the policy, 20% of the value of the sponsorship raised by any player will go towards the players’ current registration fees.  This applies to any future season the sponsor remains with the Club.


The new sponsorship monies raised by the player will not be distributed to the player.  Players will be funded independently from the Club's general revenues.  


Sponsorship does not include fundraising activities (such as chocolate drives, raffles, etc). 
For example:

* Ash Flint attract a new sponsor to the Club (to the value of $1,000). Under the policy, he would receive a $200 rebate off his current registration fees.


Players can have the balance carried forward to the next season to pay their registration fees.


Players must speak with the Executive Committee first to obtain a ‘Sponsors Information Pack’ BEFORE MEETING WITH A POTENTIAL SPONSOR. This will be given to sponsors prior to any meeting with them.


Contact Matt Roberts on 0412-863-869 for more information.