DOM 'CHUNKY' HANSON tears up New York City
Date of Event : Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:16PM
The Crazy Wren-man from Rydalmere!

You can't keep a good man down - or in this case - a good Wren down.  And when I say good I mean legend.


1st grade all-rounder, Premiership winner, genuine nice guy and superstar Dom 'Chunky' Hanson tears up Central Park in New York City the best way he knows best - wearing his Wrens cap with pride.


Dom is on a 2 week USA tour spreading the Wrens gospel to an international audience. 


Already the Americans are very curious about the Wrens cap. One large New Yorker wearing a Nicks bomber jacket and cap, a shining gold tooth and a big attitude grabbed Dom in the street with much curiosity. 


By now a small crowd had gathered around Dom who were all struck by the Wrens cap. The conversation went something like this:


New Yorker "Hey you, big Man in the scary bird cap, you want to buy a watch - 30 bucks each or 3 for 100?"

Hey you, don't turn your back and dis me. I'm talking to you bird man". 


Dom Hanson: What's that chief?


New Yorker: "What's that awesome bird on your cap?"


Dom Hanson: "G'day mate - how the bloody hell are ya!"


New Yorker: "Hey man, what's did ya say?  G'day mate - you're one of those crazy Ozzie guys - you're like Crocodile Dundee"


Dom: "Yes mate, I'm an Ozzie from Straya.  You know, Sydney.  Surely you've heard of Rydalmere"


New Yorker: "You're a big Ozzie dude - you play rugby with no pads - you guys are crazy in the head, Loco,  you know, Insane in the Membrane like Cypress Hill"


Dom: "Yes mate, I played a bit of rugby league in my time, got smashed up a little and busted my shoulder.  Now I play cricket"


New Yorker: "Awesome - I knew it.  Whazzup with this game called cricket?" 

Is that who you play cricket for - the Rydalmere wedge tailed eagles"? 


Dom: "No mate"


New Yorker: "Hey, its one of those Kookaburra's I've heard about, isn't it"


Dom "No mate"


New Yorker: "Then don't make me wait hear all day - time is money and money is time - what the hell is it Crocodile man?


Dom: "It's a Wren, it's the size of the palm of your hand, and its the most vicious bird in Australia.  They attack in packs and strip big red kangaroos to the bone in minutes"


New Yorker: "Are you kidding me. You have small birds which kill you. You Ozzies are crazy!"


Dom: "Yes mate, Wrens attack you viciously, that's why we wear helmets, leg pads, arm pads, gloves, spikes on our shoes and carry a bat when we play cricket. When a pack of Wrens attack we take out the stumps in the ground to protect ourselves"


New Yorker: "You guys really are freaking crazy!" "Forget Crocodile Dundee - you are the crazy Wren-man from Rydalmere". 


Dom: "so I reckon you might like to buy a Wrens cap - let's say $50 each or 2 for a hundred bucks?"


"I'll take 10 caps - here's my address, send me those crazy killer Wren caps so I can give them to my boys in the hood"


Gotta love the Wrens!










Last updated: Saturday April 29, 2017 6:37PM
Author: Matt Roberts