YES - this is actually a WRENS CAKE!
Date of Event : Thu Jun 1, 2017 5:50PM
Is this the greatest cake ever made?

Our players love playing for The Mighty Wrens, sometimes a little too much.


Matt 'Duddy' 'Fingers' Kennedy - First grade bowling legend who has dominated all before him for the past 10 seasons in the Northern District Cricket Association and more recently the Northern Cricket Union - celebrates  a cricket milestone for our Club in style! To celebrate this cricket achievement, he got this. 


Yes - what you see before your eyes is a genuine, chocolate mud cake decorated as a Wrens premiership cap!  Another first grade legend - Ryan 'Funky' Rawding, chef extraordinaire -  prepared this masterpiece over 3 hours. 


The attention to detail is astonishing:

* the Club colours of maroon and sky blue are perfect

* the shape of the Wrens Premiership cap (Duddy has plenty of them so should know) is proportionate

* the Wrens traditional logo adorns the cap

* the blue claws rising out of the floor represent the new, more aggressive Wren logo

* and finally, the Kookaburra Red King cricket ball is exquisite - even the hard white seam is raised.


I congratulated Ryan on his culinary masterpiece and pointed out my only criticism.  As a bowler, the seam position of the claw is poor and will scuff the shiny side in no time. 


Quick as a flash Matt Kennedy jumped to Funky's defence, arguing it was late in the day, the pitch was dying and the batsmen were set. Hence the need for a cross-seam delivery! 


Sometimes I think The Wrens Club is a cricket cult in its own right!


Congrats Matt Kennedy and Ryan on making something very special for all the Wrens players who attended the event. 


The Wrens Executive is considering whether we employee Funky full time to bake a Wrens cake to present to every player who is voted 'man of the match' for every game of next season.

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Author: Matt Roberts