TERRY ROGERS - True Blue Wrens Legend!
Date of Event Rydalmere Cricket Club: Mon Jul 9, 2018 5:27PM


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As you all know, this year we sadly lost a great friend of ours – TERRY ROGERS – to a long battle with cancer.  A battle he fought with determination, calmness and a sense of humour!

It is with great pride I speak to you about Terry Rogers – our beloved Wrens team-mate, our inspirational Club legend, our learned coach, our leader on the field, our cherished mate off the field. 

As President of the Rydalmere Cricket Club, it is an honour to speak on behalf of all the players, families and friends who knew Terry and the immense respect towards Terry, Sharon, Hayden and Patrick.  

Terry Rogers – Mr Cricket – or Tezza as we lovingly called him, embodied the Spirit of Cricket on the field, and had an unbridled high-spirit and spark for life off it.

Terry is a champion, a man of honour, a man with integrity, who loved life to the full, who had the rare ability to fill the dressing room with laughter, greeted you with a welcoming smile, the comfort of a familiar joke. 

We loved Tezza’s warm heart, joyful spirit and beautiful soul. He was a friend to everyone and always did his utmost to help those in need.   

On the field, he was fiercely competitive, loved the challenge, revelled in being part of the team, played with passion and enthusiasm for our great game.  He led from the front when the team needed him, gave his all every game he played.

Terry is the intangible spirit that binds teams together, that made each player dig that little deeper.  Nothing epitomised Terry’s passion and courage more than playing the game he loved.  His eyes would light up with joy every time he donned the Dundas Unicorns shirt or Wrens baggy cap.  He shone brightest when playing cricket, being part of a team, being respected and revered by all.

His legend on the cricket field will always be remembered, but his legacy of what he exemplified as a gentleman will never be forgotten.

  • We shall remember him as a selfless man – he helped those who needed it, coached those who relied on him, gave everything and expected nothing.


  •  We shall celebrate his honesty – he was salt-of-the-earth, you got what you saw, you felt like you knew Terry the moment you met him. You knew what he stood for, he had conviction in what he said, and integrity in what he did. 


  • We shall celebrate his strength of character - the mark of a great man is reflected in the high regard and respect held for him. His loyalty was unbreakable, his reliability was iron-clad, his word was always good enough. 




Terry has achieved some amazing outcomes for the Wrens:

  • played with the Club around 10 years,
  • coached Dundas and NDCA rep cricket
  • acted as a pathway for juniors to play Wrens
  • taken over 100 wickets
  • nominated to do various things for the club
  • won Gordon Nolan Spirit of Cricket twice
  • has the Wrens Junior Awards named after him 
  • won 2 premierships
  • has Dundas United's Spirit of Cricket award nominated after him.



It is with great pride that we announce a new award to honour the spirit of Terry.  This award will allow us to celebrate Terry each year and forever more.

It will also pass on the legend to future generations of Wrens players who will talk about Terry’s achievements at this club and have the honour of winning this award.



We can now celebrate our mate Terry.  We cherish the gift of mateship he has given us.  It is with great pride I present this small gesture for Terry Rogers – a true blue Aussie champion who is cherished as a legend at Dundas United, and a spiritual heart of the Wrens.


We will also commemorate Terry with his name on every shirt players wear for the 2018-19 season!



The Wrens thank 1st grade skipper Lalandra Wijesekera and his company Creative Ketchup for preparing the video tribute to Terry.

Thanks also to John Williamson for use of the classic Australian song "True Blue" from his 1986 Mallee Boy album.


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Author: Matt Roberts